By Harry Lou Cnops, School Program participant from Italy, Hosted in Delhi

“Yesterday some friends and I we went to Ghaziabad in a building with 14 floors with 4 apartments each. We went there for collecting old news paper for Kerala Relief Fund. At the beginning I was very skeptical, I didn’t know if we could collect a lot of them, but finally the result was excellent, we collected 500 kg of newspaper and its value was 5.000 ₹. Yesterday I learned something that if I was in Italy I couldn’t learn, everything has a value, it can be very cheap or very expensive, but they still have a value, like the news papers.

I’m really happy for what I’ve done, I helped people that have a lot of problem in that time and only of a few hours of my weekend made the difference. I was doing this with the thought that it was one of the best things that I made in my life and I was doing that with my friends, so I had a lot of fun and a lot of energy. I certainly want to do this again, and if everybody can make this, I’m sure this world would be better. If this happens it is also thanks to the AFS volunteer Sweta who organized that, took us from the metro station and gave us lunch.”