By Achyut Vanarse, Volunteer, Pune Chapter

There was a competition of wall painting between architectural colleges of Pune. I study in BRICK School of Architecture and we selected a 35-meter long wall right opposite to E-square, Pune. 

On this wall, we showed the whole timeline of Pune. How Pune evolved over the period of time. We started from Mula-Mutha River then Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maratha Empire and we ended with IT Hub. This painting is one line painting. All the lines are connected to each other. There’s no break. It starts from one side of the wall and ends at another. That’s the specialty of this painting.  This painting is the longest one line painting in Pune city. 

The painting has created a huge impact. It’s also a notation about how we can keep our city clean. People are really getting attracted to the painting. They are clicking pictures of it. A wall which wasn’t even clean before has become center of attraction of the area. Everyone who passes through this street learns about the history of Pune.