By Priti Gohel, Volunteer, Vadodara

“Our visit on this planet is short, so we should use our time meaningfully by helping others wherever possible.  

I’m indeed grateful to AFS Intercultural Programs India for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to be a part of group community service at Govt. school located at village Basan in Gandhinagar District. I was really excited to meet and have a bunch of creative, mindful, and enthusiastic volunteers – most of them were young from different chapters, as a part of this community service.

Community service organized at this govt. school by AFS was to make it more colorful with motivational slogans to enrich the lives of primary standard students that would encourage them to come to the school regularly and study.

I’m fortunate enough to have across a wide and vivid variety of friend-circle, through whom I was able to gather the handsome amount of donation in kind and cash, which really helped the community service achieve its goal with great success.

To me, it has always been always a life cherishing and enlightening experience that gives me utmost pleasure with soulful satisfaction for volunteering with AFS”