By Shilpa Tanna, Volunteer, Gandhinagar Chapter

To make Green Gandhinagar greener Gandhinagar chapter organized tree plantation program. To make it successful Nila Shukla, Harshba and Jilubha from Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, Arpit Christian Principal M. B. Patel School, Naresh Chaudhary, NSS students and GCERT B.ED. students and lecturers remained present at Muktidham (crematory).

The staunch belief of people serving here feels that Muktidham is not a crematory but a temple. Muktidham is nurturing birds and animals. Gujarat government had provided 500 saplings to plant like teak, sesam, sandal, neem, herbs and many ayurvedic plants. Alongwith volunteers of the chapter exchange students Merica and Silvan also planted saplings. They very enthusiastically participated in the activity. They planted trees Everybody seemed very happy and a sense of satisfaction was there on everybody’s face. Its repaying something to nature from our end. Volunteers felt that it is very good to work in collaboration with other organisations as we can propagate the activities of AFS through grapevine as it is the best mode of communication.