Facilitated by Henrique Ramos, it was an in-person seminar which focussed on the topics reviewed online, specifically the Ten Things Every AFS Board Needs to Know. Seminar was attended by thirteen international participants from Austria, Denmark, Japan, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia and India. AFS Staff members facilitated overall logistics and training needs.

The seminar discussed and shared different approaches to governance and board structures in AFS organizations. It addressed concrete challenges faced by AFS boards (e.g. strategic planning, generative thinking, co-opting Board members, and working with & evaluating Partner Directors).

  • It explored around the practical skills and tools necessary for AFS board members (efficiency, communication, ensuring motivation, stakeholder management etc.) And provide space for networking and peer exchange between board members from different countries.
  • The seminar was from 16-18th August 2019. The international participants also went for a school visit to Amity International School.
  • There was also a Taj visit organized by AFS India for the participants.

It was an interactive seminar full of activities, games and brief discussions. And it was a learning experience for everyone.