The NSLI-Y (Year Program and Summer Program students of 2019-20 Batch hosted in New Delhi) were taken on an art themed Cultural Outing to National Crafts Museum and a Contemporary Art Curatorial Walk on 28th July 2019. The students, host siblings, LCs and AFS India staff spent the day exploring the cultural history of the country and engaged in an interactive presentation by the Ministry of Textiles, India. The students also engaged with dance and music presentations by artisans and regional artists.

Some students performed at the stage while some of them tried their hand at pottery. They were amazed by the handicrafts and statues. The day followed with a curatorial walk by Artist Pankaj Manav. The outing was duly facilitated by Neerajj Mittra, an Alumni and Volunteer, Delhi Chapter.

“The stroll was an assemblage of diversity and cultures woven as one large bouquet of art. They went, they saw, they spoke, they drew, cultures spoke emotions and together they spoke ART.”

  By Neerajj Mittra