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AFS delivers mission-driven impact three ways

We develop active global citizens to take action

We globalize schools and institutions with tools and programs

We expand access to intercultural education with scholarships and outreach.

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Study Abroad Programs Crucial in Developing Global Citizens, New Study Finds

Study abroad programs effectively prepare young people to navigate, work and volunteer in global and multicultural environments, reports a new global study by AFS Intercultural Programs, a leading international education organization with 70+ years of experience with global exchange programs. The new report titled “Creating Global Citizens: The AFS Effect” demonstrates how study abroad motivates people to become global citizens and become involved in social causes in their communities.

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Forget your Comfort Zone

Whether you are in high school, at a university or jump-starting your career, AFS has the right program for you! Go to school, learn another language or check out our cultural internships and volunteer abroad opportunities. Host families and volunteers are waiting to help make your intercultural learning experience the best time of your life.

Study abroad with AFS

AFS empowers students and adults with the practical skills to tackle the global challenges of 21st century.

“AFS is committed to furthering the cause of the sustainable development goals set aside by the United Nations. AFS empowers students and adults with the practical skills and understanding required to tackle the defining global challenges of the 21st century. AFS as an organization helps in achieving global goals like gender equality, quality education, renewable energy, reduced inequalities, responsible consumption, peace and justice, climate action and partnerships for the goals.”

AFS Volunteer

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Welcome a new family member

Host an AFSer

Expose your family to a world outside of their own by helping an international student achieve her global dreams. Explore a new culture and share your family life and traditions.

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Hear from AFSers | Experience #AFSEffect

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Global Up GCC Teens Program

Global Up with GCC Teens is an award-winning program recognized internationally by Purdue University. It is a minors only (14-18 years) platform for students to learn and become an active global citizen.

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Global Up with GCC by Ms. Indrani Roy, Educator, Sarla Birla Gyan Jyoti, Guwahati

“This course includes coping strategies in crisis, navigating ambiguity…..” shares Ms. Indrani Roy, Educator, Sarla Birla Gyan Jyoti, Guwahati. The world has not witnessed uncertainties like the one we have been undergoing for the past 8 months and if GCC can help make it better, it should be worth your time…Explore more about Ms. Roy’s experience in the video

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Educators and GCC by Ms Daisy Ganguly from Sarla Birla Gyan Jyoti School, Guwahati.

Global Up yourself with the AFS Global Competence Certificate (GCC) that develops global skills essential to live, work, and make a real social impact worldwide. Through this internationally recognised course, develop essential skills, like collaboration, problem-solving, and cross-cultural communication, needed for their personal, academic and professional development.

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AFS Global You Changemaker

New virtual exchange program. Change the world, become part of a global community, and learn about social innovation with two world-class organizations! This program will teach you the tools you need to create your social impact project and become a Global Changemaker, no matter where you are. It was developed by AFS in partnership with the Center for Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League institution. Find out more at

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Experience your world through the eyes of a young person from another country

“I think AFS gave me a lot of new endeavors. If you participate with AFS, you will see many things that you can’t see in Thailand or in your home country. You will become more confident and make your parents proud of you. You will know your host country better when you visit there instead of just viewing photos from the internet. You will know exactly how they live and their lifestyle instead of just listening from other people. A year before, I used to sit in an assembly while there were presenting about AFS.”

— Student in India from Thailand

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Ready to change the world?

Volunteer for AFS

Explore your potential and pick from a choice of roles and flexible schedules. Benefit from our exceptional volunteer training program, develop your leadership skills and help others learn how to live together.

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Engaging with my community; meeting people from around the world

“If I talk about the impact of this [regional volunteer exchange] program, I’m sure that along with learning a lot of intercultural values and ideas, I also came to know about how everyone is so similar to each other even after belonging to different states, cities, and religions. We paid a visit to GCIS school and the principal told us how impactful the AFS programs are in connecting a local school to a global platform in numerous ways. The exchange was only for a week but it gave a lot of learning. It was very tough to believe that we all will be sharing such good lifelong bonds with each other being from various states. It made me believe that “if you are good, the world will always be good with you.

— AFS India volunteer 

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Discover our innovative learning journeys

AFS Education

Learn how AFS helps people of all ages and backgrounds develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to connect to diverse people, succeed in a global economy and help make a positive impact on the world.

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Creating global citizens, empowering changemakers

These days you don’t have to go far to find an AFSer making a difference in local communities, across industries or at the forefront of an important international issue or social cause.

How AFS prepares Global Citizens