The AFS Meet 2017 | A World of Opportunities was held in New Delhi from the 18th – 21st of May’17 with 59 volunteers participating from Pan-India. It was the first time AFS India organized Process Training back-to-back for all departments (AFS Sending, YES Sending, Hosting, Finance & Sentio), and it was received well by all the Chapters. The Meet focused on providing exposure to the various departmental processes as well as sharing of knowledge and best practices with the participants. Staffers from respective departments played the role of facilitator in the trainings.

AFS Hosting Meet and YES Sending Meet was conducted from 18th-20th May wherein AFS Sending, Sentio and Finance Meet was from 19th-21st May, 2017. This was the first time, training on Sentio and Finance was provided to volunteers at National level. On 20th morning, a training on Volunteer Development was also facilitated that brought all the participants together where sessions on Volunteer Journey, Volunteer Strat Plan, World Café, AFS & You Form, Branding etc. were held. The highlight of session was the team-building exercise titled Rollercoaster Challenge focusing on working together as a team with active participation and engagement.

This year, a lot of new volunteers were given the opportunity to attend National Level training, thus in a way, empowering and educating the next generation of volunteers.

Throughout the meet, staffers focused on sharing ideas on processes, relevant concepts on intercultural learning, methodologies & strategies to plan, facilitate and execute the programs in a significant way. The participants have taken back with them learning, new ideas, clarity on the processes along with memories and lots of new friends.

AFS is Fun – Activity & Team-building Exercise

Volunteers were given an evening off on 19th May, so they can enjoy Delhi, go shopping and do fun-activity with other volunteers by exploring the city. Overall, the sessions were very interactive and fun-filled which made understanding the process easier for the attendees.

We’d like to thank all the volunteers who took out time to attend the meet.