By Achiraya Chongcharoenpornchai, Hosted by Rajmata Kumari Girls’ Public School, Jodhpur, From Thailand

“Why did I select India?” This was the first question that everyone asked me. In those times I didn’t have any answer to give them, even I myself couldn’t understand why I selected India. But one thing that I know was, when some people who have been to this country came back, most of them liked it. How is it possible? Probably because humans usually judge things according to its outside appearance, they don’t even want to know the reality or the reason behind, so let’s see the real of India.

My name is Achiraya Chongcharoenpornchai, I am an exchange student of AFS Association in India for 10 months. I belong to Thailand I am now  studying in Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girl’s Public School (RKKGPS). I live in Jodhpur, a city in the Thar desert of the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan. This city is known as the “Sun City” for the Bright and the sunny weather it enjoys all the year round. Jodhpur is also known as the “Blue city” because of the blue color that decorates many of the houses in the old city area. I am a boarder, most of the time I am in school, and only on weekends, I stay with my host family. They are a joint family. My grand father, uncle and aunt, father and mother, brother and sister, and 2 cousins. We all live together. Both of my host siblings are younger than me, my brother is in class 8 and my sister is in class 6.

With school friends

In RKKGPS, 1st of July was the first day that I came to the school. This school is the only girls school which has classes from nursery until class 12. The 3rd of July was Monday, this is the first day that I had to attend the class.  I had a welcome assembly from the principal, the teachers and all of the students around 7:30 AM . It was the greatest welcome for me. After that the leader of my class took me along with her to meet  the principal.  I felt like a very important person that time as everyone looked at me to greet me. She took me around the school and introduced me to the teachers and my classmates. I studied in class 11, humanities with  fine arts and economics. First I would like to say thanks to her for helping me in many things but after I got to know all not just her but everyone is generous and willing to help me. These things made me realize how nice Indian girls are. During the day, we have many activities to relax and enjoy, such as swimming and library periods. After school we also have sports time in which a lot of activities are given to us, I selected Tennis. This is the part that I like the most because the school thinks about its students, they want them to be fresh and healthy before self-study time.

In Dormitory of Class XI, we have 40 students and we all stay together. This is so different from my life back in Thailand. Boarding life is amazing where we have a lot of friends and enjoyment. They all are very friendly and helpful. I’m really happy to stay with them. When I have some problem, they are always willing to help me. During exams, they devoted some of their time to teach me. Every subject teacher has taught me and Elena separately to make us understand the subject better. In October, my school had its Annual Function, a very grand one. I participated in Punjabi Dance which individually made me learn so many new things. During my stay as an exchange student, I have one Counselor who takes care of me and supports me in everything. She’s like my mother who helps me every time. When ever I have even a little problem, she tries to solve it in the best way for me. She has helped me in so many ways that I can’t express in words. She is like the light of my life when even I am in the darkness, she lights my way. I wholeheartedly thank her for everything that she has done for me and given to me. Many kids say Hi to me and call me “Alice didi”. These things always make me feel like a princess. Each one really cares and treats me with exceptional love. These are all the miracles of Indian culture.

It was the first time that I rode a Camel, the first time I have seen the desert, the first time that I modeled and the first time that I have stayed alone for more than 9 months without my parents. All these experiences are incredible and I can’t believe, I already have done it. If I had not selected India, God knows when I would have got a chance to do all such things on weekends. I have been staying with my host family who are like historians because they know the story of many places in India very well. I usually ask a lot of doubts and they answer to all my questions professionally. They have truly made me understand Indian culture in a much better way. I have learnt a little Punjabi language from my host family because they belong to Punjab. Whenever there is some festival, they have a lot of friends come over to their house and we also go to other houses. This made me see more of the variations and differences of Indian culture. I spend my time by talking, gardening, helping my mother in cooking or some other household chores. Generally, I play games and watch movies with them. I have also learnt about the routine and daily life of Indian family.

It is heartening to see the parents and grandparents grooming their children. Teaching them to become good and intelligent global citizens.

So, now I really know the answer and reply to the question that “Why did I select India”. This country is very interesting for  sightseeing and culture to be admired. I have met the most friendly and helpful people. If any girl wants to become the real princess, come here to “INDIA” the vibrant and incredible place bound together with love, care, values and traditions.