By Himadri Anand, Volunteer, Vadodara Chapter

“Community service is that “feel good” activity that many of us want to accomplish, but don’t always make the time for. Thank you in tons to Afs India and Afs Gandhinagar for providing the wonderful opportunity. The great hard work of the National Office and Gandhinagar chapter was appreciated a lot. Giving back to society makes me a happy human being.

I was basically in the medical group but I also worked with the painting group. The painting was something that was not directly connected with the students like sports or education, but it helped the children to gain experiential knowledge. Medical is nowadays becoming very expensive and I am happy that we have provided a free of cost medical checkup to the villagers.

One of the best parts of this community service was that we had volunteers participating from all over India who stayed in the host families at  Gandhinagar, a big thanks to the host families and the entire Gandhinagar chapter.

On the whole, it was a boundless experience for me which makes me grow more as a volunteer as well as a citizen.”