By Indrajeet Thorat, Volunteer, Kolhapur Chapter

“Students associated with Aakar Foundation were part of the Art Workshop organized by Kolhapur Chapter. They were also introduced to ‘AFS’ and its values. They really liked and appreciated the concept of AFS.

Indrajeet from Sanjay Ghodawat School says, “We have successfully completed art workshop for 120 students of Aakar foundation. These students are underprivileged but very talented, so Kolhapur chapter is associated with Aakar Foundation from the last 2 years. This thoughtful workshop taught them various life skills. The art team of Sanjay Ghodawat School was involved in it along with AFS volunteers. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our beloved Sasmita Mohanty Ma’am for constant encouragement and support.

The students come from backgrounds where they struggle to meet their ends. This workshop taught them to make ‘Lanterns’. This will surely help them in doing small efforts towards contributing to help their families and getting closer to a better life.


Kolhapur chapter keeps coming with great ideas which gives us real goals on how we can work for our community. A sincere thanks to all the volunteers involved.”